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Welcome! This is the registration page for the Recreation Economy for Rural Communities Virtual Workshop for Giles County, focusing on the Towns of Pembroke and Narrows, taking place October 26-29, 2020. This is a series of seven, virtual video conference sessions spaced over four days. The process is designed for interactivity. It will create a community action plan built by you, the participants. Ideally you can attend all sessions, but if you cannot commit to all, just select the first and last sessions and any others you can attend. Event video conferencing sign in links, audio call in, program information, participation instructions, and other handouts will be sent to you by email prior to the first session. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you.

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March 24, 2018 | Ramps N Roads

RampsNRoads 2018Ramps N Roads March 24, 2018 Returns to Giles County


Citizens of all ages, from all areas of Giles County, will be cleaning unsightly litter from our highways and byways, boat ramps, river and stream access points.


Join us at 9:00am at Eastern Elementary/Middle School. We will disperse from there to the main cleanup points. Bags, gloves and water will be supplied.


Meet back at Eastern Elementary/Middle  School for complimentary lunch at 12:00pm.


Ramps N Roads 2018 Information

Caution on the New River due to very high flows

Memorial Day weekend typically brings many people to Giles County to enjoy the beautiful New River.  Unfortunately, the recent heavy rains have created very high flows which are currently at more than 30,000 cubic feet per second creating a gauge reading at Glen Lyn of 9.6 feet.  While below flood stage, this volume of water can create dangerous conditions and extremely strong currents in many parts of the river.  We ask that you carefully consider skill levels, equipment, and river conditions prior to getting on the river.  Depending on the weather, improved conditions are forecast for later this weekend.  We encourage you to monitor these conditions at the National Weather Service website. which is specific to the Glen Lyn gauge or visit   which will give you access to stream gauges across the region.